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EMBMall One-Stop Embroidery Design Shop

EMBMall is your one stop shop for all your embroidery design needs. Our extensive collection of designs, from cartoonish to fiction based (TV/Movie) and even something decorative for your household items. We have you covered for all such design aspects, all digitized to perfection so that our lovely home embroiderers have only to load these exquisite designs onto their machines and execute.

With such potential at your disposal, why not start by registering with us.

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Our Designs

Our designs are not like every other embroidery design you can find on internet, what make our services and especially our embroidery designs stand out are;

Unique Designs 98%
Multiple File Formats 100%
Multiple Hoop Sizes 100%

Meet the Team

Ava Grace
Ava Grace

Lead Digitizer

The person behind the genius that is EMBMall, it is Ava’s vision and ingenuity about the market and fashion trends that have helped us to keep in lieu with the ever changing embroidery styles and designs.

  • Digitizer
  • Marketing
  • Designer
  • Sales
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones

Finance & PR

AJ is our jack of all trades, while he mostly handles everything related to our finances but also works with Ava with marketing these designs on social media outlets while also managing the sales support channels.

  • Finance
  • SMM
  • Sales Support
  • Public Relations
Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts

Web Specialist

Emma is our resident internet junkie. We love all her eccentricities and appreciate and honor her love for web development. She keeps us motivated as well and helps us with her innate creativity from time to time.

  • Web Developer
  • IT Admin
  • Creative Support
  • Designer