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We have a huge number of embroidery designs, in multiple sizes and formats for you to download and embroider on any embroidery blank or any other garment of yours to elevate the overall look, sold individually, which you can find through their respective categories.

We also recognize that our budding embroiderers like a good discount with their embroidery designs and at times, prefer to buy our exquisite embroidery designs in bulk/ packs containing the designs within the same vain, for example, superhero design pack containing Spiderman, Batman, Superman etc. embroidery designs altogether. Keeping that in mind, we have designed exclusive embroidery design packs, containing our exceptional designs available individually as well, but packaged together in these packs for you to purchase at discounted prices.

All of our effectively collected and conveniently priced Embroidery Packs are available for you to purchase and use right away. You can click on the specific design pack to check the designs contained within the described pack as well.

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