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01) How do I register at EMBMall??

Click on the register link at the top right bar.


Or alternatively, go to My Account link located in the top menu.

My Account

Once moved onto the My Account page, fill in the Register section to create your profile and click REGISTER.

Register Section
02) How do I recover my lost password??

Click on the login button (located on top right) or My Account button (located in the top menu) to be transferred to the ‘My Account’ page.


My Account

You’ll be moved onto the My account Page. Below the login form on the same page, you will notice the ‘Lost my password’ button.

Lost my Password

Clicking on it will take you to another page where you will be asked to provide your email address with which you registered at EMBMall and upon submitting by clicking on the ‘RESET PASSWORD’ button, will be delivered an email with an automated renewal link.


Click on the ‘click here to reset your password’ to reset your password.

click here to reset your password
Q3) How to update details of my account??

Click on the login button (located on top right) or My Account button (located in the top menu) to be transferred to the ‘My Account’ page.


My Account

Whilst on the ‘My Account page’, you can update your account details by clicking on the ‘Edit Account’ button, located on the side menu.

Edit Account

You can update the information on the newly loaded page and press the ‘Save Changes’ button to make sure the details are updated.

Save Changes

Respectively, you can update you address by clicking on the ‘Edit Address’ button on the side menu.

Edit Address

Click on the address edit button located next to the Billing Address heading.

edit button

Add the details or make the necessary changes (if already added) and click on the ‘Save Address’ button to save the changes you made.

Save Address
04) Do I have to register to browse or purchase??

No, you can browse the website without registering and can add items to your trolley and it will still be there when you come back to the site later.

Even for purchasing, you would have to fill out a form every time you make anew purchase but won’t have to necessarily make an account to make any purchase.

05) How to select items for purchase??

With or without registering, you can purchase any design. Browse through the website to find the design you would like to purchase.

Selected Items For Purchase

Once found, you will be taken to a new page describing the design and it details (make sure to read them carefully) and if satisfied, click on the ‘Add to Cart Button’.

Preview Of Add to Cart Button

You can carry on shopping some more or move on to your cart to pay for the design you selected. Just click on the subtotal top-right corner and then click on “Proceed to Checkout” Button.

Preview Of Proceed to Checkout
06) How to remove item(s) from my cart??

You can edit selected designs in your cart at any given time, by clicking on the “Cart Icon” at the top right of your screen and then hovering over the design to be removed and it will show a Cross (X), asking for the customer if they possibly wanted to remove that design.

Cart Icon

Alternatively, you can click on the cart icon and then press the ‘View Cart’ button.

View Cart

On you cart page, you can remove any design by clicking on the Cross (X), next to the design you want to remove.

Cross (X)

Once removed, that design won’t show up in your cart anymore, however, if you want to add the same design to your cart right away, you can “Undo” the removal by clicking on the undo button.

07) How to pay for the design I want to purchase??

Once you have any design to cart and are ready to make the purchase, click on the cart icon at the top right section of the screen and click on the ‘PROCEED TO CHECKOUT’ button.

If you are a returning customer, i.e., have already registered to EMBMall, you can login in by clicking on the returning customer tab if you are logged in already. By already being registered, and if the billing information has already been saved, you can accept the terms and conditions and move on to the payment section.

You can avail discounts by using the available coupon codes by filling in the cope code as shown below on the billing form page as well.

If you are a new or unregistered customer, you would have to fill the Billing Form and can create an account in the process as well to enable you to make future purchases without having to fill in the form again. Then accept the terms and conditions on the right and click on the ‘PLACE ORDER’ button.

Then you will be moved on to our secure payment partner’s (CCnow) secure payment page. Review your purchase again, select the payment method you prefer (both PayPal and Credit cards option being available) and fill in your payment details carefully and click on the ‘PURCHASE’ button once done so.

Upon submission and after going through the process, you will be moved onto the confirmation page and delivered a confirmation email along with another email containing the download links for the purchased embroidery designs.

08) Will I get these designs physically delivered to me??

All the advertised designs on EMBMall are machine embroidery design files/ digital files that are to be downloaded and then loaded onto your embroidery machines to embroider.

These are NOT embroidery patches that will be delivered to you physically.

09) How will I receive these embroidery designs??

Upon successful transaction, an email containing the download links for the purchased embroidery designs will be delivered to you at your email address that you used during the checkout.

Alternatively, you can view and download your purchased designs from “My Downloads” section on your My Account page as many times as you want, hence you can download your purchased design unlimited number of times.

My Downloads
10) What can I do with my purchased embroidery designs??

You can use these embroidery designs for any personal embroidery need of yours. You can make a personal copy as well for backup however you would be able to download the purchased design from ‘My Account’ page after logging in as well.

These designs can be used for commercial uses as well/ can be embroidered on garments to be sold further.

11) What can I not do with the designs I purchased at EMBMall??

You cannot sell/ share or trade with the digital embroidery designs themselves in any capacity or any way.

You cannot upload these designs to other file sharing or hosting website, free or otherwise.

You cannot claim ownership of these designs by changing them in any shape or form or use part(s) of the design to create any other digital embroidery file.

You cannot create designs for large commercial use, i.e. mass production, unless spoken to us and have our seal of approval.

12) How will I use your embroidery design??

The delivered designs will be in a Zip file which is to be extracted onto your computer before using. If unclear about the unzipping process, use any search engine to look up ‘how to unzip a .zip file’ as the zip files are not supported by the embroidery machines directly. Henceforth, we are not to be held liable if any project go askew because of the inability to use the files effectively.

Still, if need be, get in contact with me and I will try to get back as soon as possible for me.

13) What formats do you offer??

EMBMall offers the following machine embroidery file formats,


If your machine do not support the aforementioned formats and still want our designs, please get in touch with us right away and we may be able to provide you with the design in the format you desire.

14) Can I alter the design or format myself??

Integrity of the design and the overall appeal of it might be comprised if the design or the format is altered in any way and EMBMall cannot be held accountable for faulty designs if the designs are altered or reformatted by the customers themselves.

15) Can I buy digital designs at wholesale rates??

Yes, there is an option for customers for being able to buy these designs at discounted wholesale rates. Get in contact with us to know more about the wholesale rates as the price becomes negotiable dependent on the volume of the order.

16) Can I order customized designs??

Yes, we do accept customized digitizing offers. Contact us right away with your design requirements and design and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

17) Can I ask for a refund for a design I purchased??

As the designs are digital, we would not offer a refund after the design is purchased and delivered.

UNLESS (and only if) the file you receive is damaged, hence unreadable, or not as stated within the description. If that is the unfortunate case, please get in touch with us right away.

18) Can I get an exchange for a design I purchased??

Once a designed is delivered, we won’t be able to exchange the design itself.

19) I am having troubles while embroidering my design??

If the glitch is because of the design and something amiss with the design file, please get in touch with us right away.

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