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Dismal yet Chirpy Eeyore Embroidery Design

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Product Description

Chirpy Eeyore Embroidery Design

Eeyore is one of the most non-Disney typical characters within the Winnie the Pooh or the Disney universe as a whole. Instead of being optimistic and chirpy at all times like the usual Disney creations, Eeyore the stuffed donkey is rather pessimistic, gloomy and cynical at most times. That can be seen within this digital Chirpy Eeyore Embroidery Design as well, his dismal personality is, well on display however the bird resting on his nose and its colorful cheerful self makes the design come to life by balancing out the seldomness of Eeyore so download this amazing design right away and embroider on any garment now!

Return Policy

All the available embroidery designs are in digital format, we would not offer a refund or exchange after the design has been paid for and been delivered to you.

Only exception being if the file you received was corrupt, damaged or not as advertised at EMBMall. If that is the situation, do get in contact with us right away!