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Dainty Pink Bicycle Embroidery Design

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Product Description

Dainty Pink Bicycle Embroidery Design

That seems to be a correct statement in light of this beautiful Dainty Pink Bicycle Embroidery Design. The layout of the bike itself is highly detailed, with basket, piping, brake lines and chains but pink made it much more girly and exciting. However on second look, it will register that this design is more than what meets the eye, the vision with which it was designed is universal hence the football’s element addition on the back of the bike to add another dimension and add edge into the design. So any girl, girly enough or not have no excuse but to revel in the beauty of this amazing design and order it right away for themselves, add it to you T-shirt, dress, trousers, bag or even your school pouch.

Return Policy

All the available embroidery designs are in digital format, we would not offer a refund or exchange after the design has been paid for and been delivered to you.

Only exception being if the file you received was corrupt, damaged or not as advertised at EMBMall. If that is the situation, do get in contact with us right away!