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Foolishly Handsome Johnny Bravo Embroidery Design

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Product Description

Johnny Bravo Embroidery Design

Johnny Bravo is one of the most endearing characters but for all the wrong reasons; he is highly egotistical, arrogant and a misogynistic fool but are the reason why everyone loved this buffed bachelor buffoon. His quirky and playful personality has been captured meticulously in this machine embroidery design which shows this iconic Hanna Barbera character in his most iconic clothes, black muscle t-shirt to show off his physique and blue denim pants and most importantly, his pompadour hair. So to revel in the nostalgia or just for something fun on your garments, download and embroider this Foolishly Handsome Johnny Bravo Embroidery Design right away!

Return Policy

All the available embroidery designs are in digital format, we would not offer a refund or exchange after the design has been paid for and been delivered to you.

Only exception being if the file you received was corrupt, damaged or not as advertised at EMBMall. If that is the situation, do get in contact with us right away!