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Amusing and Spirited Pluto Dog Embroidery Design

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Product Description

Spirited Pluto Dog Embroidery Design

Every cool character has to have a cool sidekick as well and so Disney iconic Mickey Mouse needed an iconic sidekick as well and that was none other than his dog Pluto that was spirited to say the least and always lively, until and unless you disturb its sleep, which is usually the case for it. This Spirited Pluto Dog Embroidery Design highlights the youthfulness of the character and shows him as a baby and highlights its characters lightness to the utmost degree.

Return Policy

All the available embroidery designs are in digital format, we would not offer a refund or exchange after the design has been paid for and been delivered to you.

Only exception being if the file you received was corrupt, damaged or not as advertised at EMBMall. If that is the situation, do get in contact with us right away!